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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Picture Perfect

Not sure about you but I am a picture taking fool in my classroom.  The camera is always sitting at the ready and the kids quickly get used to Mrs. Mandrell and all her clicking!  It was great at the end of the year when I gave each child a little photo album with about 20 pictures from the school year.  I made a cute cover for each book and the kids loved them!  I was pretty darned excited about the gift but it sure was a pain to put them all together when the year was coming to a close and I had a zillion other things to get done.  So, as the new year sneaks up on me I have been thinking about how to make the process easier for this year and here is what I am thinking...
First off, I have created a classroom 2012-2013 folder on my home computer.  In that folder I have created a folder for each child.  Now as the year progresses and I download pictures I will take the time to put them in each child's folder making the end of the year creation much easier.

Second plan of attack is to print pictures throughout the year.  Not only will this make the cost a little less of a hit to the budget, it will again make it much more manageable.  I plan to create a reminder in my Google calendar to remind me at the end of each month to take care of business.

Third and final plan is to add these pictures to a classroom photo album.  I have done this in past years but not since returning to the classroom.  I purchased albums from Target for $6 a piece that are three up 4x6 slots.  I will print pics throughout the year when I print the kids pics and add them to the album for all the kids to enjoy.

Stay tuned for info about how this plan actually works!

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