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Monday, August 20, 2012

Organizational Ideas

While I was scurrying around my classroom yesterday continuing the getting ready process, I noticed a few of my favorite organization techniques that I love and thought I'd share. All ideas from other smart teachers but great ones at that!
The first is a picture of how we keep pencils in our room. Glass cases of different types are placed around the room with dried beans in them and the pencils live there. Remember, I teach 3-5 year old kiddos. Nope, they don't break them!
The next picture is how I keep colored pencils for the kids. These are all bunched up now but normally sit in a straight row in our art center for all to use. It's just mason jars from the $1 store. I love the color!
Last but not least is my birthday board. It still needs pictures of kiddos but I adapted this idea from someone on Pinterest. It's an old bulletin board that I spray painted and then used scrapbook paper to make the months. Under each month will be a group shot of the birthday kiddos.
Off to work I go!

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