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Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Directions!

One major aspect of the Montessori curriculum (at all age levels) is geography. We are teaching continents and directionality and landforms to the smallest kiddos in my primary Montessori class and of course they are brilliant and they take it all in like little sponges. Last year I didn't do nearly enough in this department so spent a lot of time this summer adding to my ideas for that area of the room. This, most definitely, is my most prized creation yet!
My fabulous Cultural teacher, Cheryl Spencer, shared hers with us this summer and I was immediately making a copy so that I could recreate it. I am still hunting for small wooden road signs that the children will set up in various places around the map. There are cards that accompany the map with simple directions they must follow.
The best part of this creation was the green material. The map is about 28x39 and the green material is a heavy duty duck cloth doubled to hide the stitching. I figured it wouldn't be cheap but wouldn't you know I was at a thrift store and found 2 curtains for $1! Enough really to make 4 of these babies but the perfect shade for the background of my map! Made my day! Stay tuned for more pics as I find parts and pieces to go with it!

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