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Monday, July 9, 2012

Word Work...sorta

After 10 years working in the field of literacy coaching, getting a few degrees, working with teachers in 6 different states, you'd think I could say, "I got this!". But one thing I know for sure as a teacher is that if I got this I need to quit!
So, one new thing about coming back to the classroom after my little hiatus is the age of my kiddos...multiage 3-5, Primary Montessori. So for some reason (part Montessori Curriculum, part not doing what I do best - trust kids) I didn't start the year out like I always do...believing the best of my kids! WHAT?!? Big mistake.
They were and are brilliant and can do just about anything I believe they can! So, you will see a lot of reading and writing stuff here. Cuz it's what I love most! ;)
Ok, so here is a project from the teacher next door that I am tweaking and streamlining and making work for my kiddos. We used it the second half of the year with the kiddos who were ready.
What you see here is the little envelope that a lot of times come from the cafeteria but I'm sure Office Depot has them too! I have one for every letter of the alphabet. Inside are letters cut on the Cricut with Plantin Schoolbook at 2.5 inches. I will cut them with many different fonts throughout the year because the kids need to be able to recognize letters in many forms...not just teacher print.
I cut them on leftover scrapbook paper...which I have copious amounts of after closing my store! One sheet of paper gives between 25-40 letters! That is perfect because the kiddos aren't using more than one letter over the course of the year and not all kiddos are using them.

The little sound book is what they put the letters in. The Montessori language curriculum breaks the alphabet into 5 manageable groupings. Each grouping includes consonants and at least one vowel.  There are many different ways to group the letters.  I am trying some new groupings for the coming school year.  Kids learn the letter sounds in each group using various techniques and then move on to the next grouping. I'm not 100% sold on this so we are sneaky and talk about all the letter sounds all year long...OH MY!!!  It is however great reinforcement of the letter sounds and is one of many ways they learn the sounds letters make.

They get the book and the letters they are working on (and have mastered) and glue the particular letter along with a picture that goes with it that starts with the sound. If they can I have them write a sentence on the opposing page about the picture. Once they have completed a sound book those letters are considered mastered. I check them off a list for my own sanity and off they go to work on more sounds.  Since some kind person already made the pictures I thought I would share them here as a freebie!

 Please do me a big favor and comment or link back to me if you grab a copy!  I'm just getting started with this blogging thing and need to build up my followers!  Lots more freebies to come!
More soon on thoughts about the system, a new organizing idea and what it means to be a reader!

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