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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Yep, I'm all in. I can't seem to get enough of Pinterest. I've been a closet addict for about two years but now that school is out and I have all these hours of free time on my hands what else is there to do but comb Pinterest for great ideas for my classroom?!? Wait, I could be using that time to actually do ONE STINKIN thing that I have pinned!!! There is always tomorrow! So, I wanted to share the boards that I have already started and some ideas about Pinterest and using it as a vehicle to store all that internet goodness.
These are the boards I have so far but they could easily be broken down even further. When I started with Pinterest I had the teaching gems board and that was it but the longer I am on it the more I find the need to organize things more. There is soo much out there and it is easy to loose track of what you find. Some ideas for organizing:
classroom organization
field trips
mother's day, father's day, etc
The possibilities are endless! I have been thinking lately about maybe starting another Pinterest account that is just for teaching but that might be a little too much to manage! Stay tuned!

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