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Thursday, June 16, 2011

And so it begins...

Well, let me say that I have had the chance to start a year of teaching in quite a few different settings but all have always had one thing in common...the room had been stripped of everything useful, either by the teacher who left or the teachers on the hall who were waiting for the newbie and needed some stuff. I have walked into jobs 12 days after school started and 4 days before school started. I have cleaned up nasty awful messes and thrown away piles of trash to get to the goods of teaching. That has pretty much been the case with each classroom I have been in...until now. This new adventure includes a fully stocked classroom of tools and treasures...that I have no idea what to do with! :) Montessori is pretty specific, pretty precise, pretty regimented and this is the best stocked Montessori classroom I have ever been in! I can't wait to start taking classes and learn how to use it all! But wait, there's more...there's always more!
There is also an endless supply of "stuff" to stock at least three more pre-school classrooms. I am guessing this would be the stuff that was here before they changed to a Montessori approach. is all there and it is all go through...and organize and label and throw out and play with.
Oh, the work ahead of me!

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