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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back on Track…I hope!

January 19th!

My parents! Off on their final continent adventure. This time they are off to Australia and they actually trusted that I could get them to the airport on time! They have such a great time on their adventures and always have many stories to tell and pictures to share when they get back! I hope that one day Henry and I can do the same!
January 20th!

It's all I got…a cute $1 card that Tonya made!
January 22nd!

I have a thing about old stuff! I love old windows and antiques of pretty much any kind. I tend to lean towards the shabby chic, countryish, dirty look when I am on the hunt but anything old strikes my fancy. I love the thought of the story behind the item. So this is one of many attempts at a blade sign for outside the store…because I am posting this so far behind it's actual date I can tell you that it was turned down! BOO!
January 24th!

You might not know it but this is an outstanding human being right here! Love you Val and thanks for helping with the move!!!
January 25th!

This day deserved more than one pic! Most people get all settled in after being in a location for a year…I on the other hand up and move! Thanks to the help of my fabulous friends who double as customers we got moved despite the pending warning of torrential downpours! Thanks for being so grand y'all!
February 2nd!

I rarely get a page done as it is and never have I scrapped anything about myself but I decided to teach a class this year that was "All About You!" The ladies are loving it and making some really cute pages!
More a little later today!

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