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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13th!

So, if you are a camper or a hunter or a fisherman or a shop owner whose Blower motor is broken and you have a great friend named Randa then you know what this is! A little pocket heater! Had to use this bad boy today since the blower motor in the gas furnace was broken and the shop was between 58 and 60 degrees most of the day. Thankfully Randa came and kept me company and brought chocolate, carmel turtle cake and pocket warmers to make it better!

And then there is this...had to be two pics today! My boy wanted me to read him a story before he went to bed so we laid down to get reading and I pointed to the words and asked if he could read it and sure enough HE COULD! While I was thrilled to death I was also a little baby is growing up sooooo fast!

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