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Friday, January 1, 2010

A Little Catch Up!

Ok, so perhaps the Holidays bogged me down a little and I am a wee bit behind but no worries...I still took pictures so I can do a quick catch up and get back on the wagon again! Hold we goooooo....

December 31st
8am-6pm...we counted and counted and counted and this is what we ended up with...LOTS of stuff for a HUGEMONGOUS clearance sale at the shop!
December 30th

December 29th

Pure heaven I tell ya! Tammy brought these little gems to the day after CHristmas crop and I went home and made them!
One tube of Nestle Cookie dough spread on bottom of pan...cut up mini Snickers and Resees cups over cookie dough and then spread another tube of cookie dough over the top. Pop it in the oven and bake it at 350 for aout 11-15 minutes and call it good with a tall glass of milk!
December 27th

Santa brought this skate ramp and boards to the boys for Christmas...everyone has there own way of tackling the ramp! :)
December 26th

What a fabulous day this was! My beautiful step-daughter Kelly delivered this precious new grandbaby...Lillian Joceyln Knapp. Many more pictures to come!
December 25th
Merry Christmas!~ Enjoy the show!

December 24th
Merry Christmas Eve! Enjoy this show too...I love these people! They make me who I am!

December 23rd
No pictures because I spent the day "off" running around with the boys from sun up to sun down trying to get ready for year I start on January 1st!
December 22nd

How lucky we are to have Amy in our lives! She is a fabulous babysitter and an all around fantastic young lady! We went to dinner with her, Donna and Terry to do a little Christmas celebrating!
December 21st

What great fun I have with the Girlz! Even though we only get to go every other Tuesday, I sure do have a good time!
December 20th

Not sure that this kid needs any explanation!
December 19th
December 18th
December 17th

Love being crafty! I got going with the Cricut and had so much fun making these glasses for my peeps and even sold a few!
December 16th

We were a little tardy with our letters but Santa still delivered! Love that guy! :)
December 15th

This was the best little Christmas program ever! John was a little nervous when they got started but quickly warmed up and was a star!

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