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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here We Go Now...for real!

Ok, so it is a little discouraging that here we are on my 4th day into my 40th year and I am already behind! AAARRRGGGHHH! I only have one excuse and that is pure exhaustion. After waiting on people for 3 days straight I just didn't have anything left in me to blog but never fear...I'm not 40 yet and I WILL stay the course! So, let's catch up a little...cuz I did at least take pictures!

November 14th

Take a look at this beauty! My fabulous niece Sarah. She is 15 and a star on the violin, a great student and an all around cool chick! On Saturday she and her Mom came to the charity crop and sold tasty Christmas cookie treats! YUM!

November 15th
It's a stinking idea what happened that day...lots of scrapping...lots of prizes...lots of people...i know there is a picture somewhere! Hold Please!

November 16th

So, this is how we roll in the Mandrell house. Henry has a box full of arrowheads and Native American artifacts and he has been looking stuff up online to see what it is worth. He found a pretty cool site that has all sorts of stuff on it and he is enjoying investigating what he has. While digging around in his box he found some red rock that he painted war stripes on the kids with. It was pretty cool when he told Pres to think about the fact that the last face it touched might have been that of a Native American.

November 17th

Year after year I have tried to be Ali Edwards...well maybe not her because my hair is never gonna be blond...but I have aspired to create like she does. Each year I start the December Daily project in early November and I am working my hiney off trying to get that thing done and it never gets completed...NEVER! I think it's because I haven't ever owned a scrapbook store. Who knew that all I needed to do was open a scrapbook store and then I could be like Ali and complete a project!?!? So, this mess is all my stuff on the class tables at the shop just screaming for a little creative juices to get flowing. So even though I am still exhausted beyond words...I am on my way towards completing my FIRST EVER December Daily album! Stay tuned tomorrow for more pics!

Whew, I do believe I am caught up and I will never fall behind again...I promise...scouts honor...pinkie swear!

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