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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

why i love that boy!

(All while he is reading his Kung Foo Panda Book to John)

Pres: alright mom listen to this's the best in the book..."Po defeats Shifu in a battle for dumplings." isn't that great Mom?

Mom: yeah, great words Pres

Pres: reads on and then gets to "There is no secret ingredient," he explains. "To make something special, you just have to believe it is special." that's really good huh Mom?

Mom: Yeah, now those are great words Pres.

Story is over, I tuck him into bed and he says, "Ya know Mom that story had a lesson." "Yeah, Pres, what was it?"

Pres: that part about the special ingredient?

Mom: Yeah

Pres: It's true.

Mom: well, what did they mean?

Pres: just that something is only special in the world or your life if you really believe it. no other reason, you just have to believe it.

Mom: that's pretty cool Pres. I love you the most in the world!

how cool is it that first of all i have a kid who listens to the language of text and comments on it at age 8 but on top of that knows that things are only special in this world if we make it so. I think i will keep him!

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