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Saturday, December 22, 2007

So blessed

So, maybe the whole blog thing just isn't for me. I really seem to spend more time checking out other blogs than I do keeping up with my own but school is now out for the next month and I have some time on my hands so we will see. Not ready to give up just yet but I do hate it when I know it is sitting there calling me to post something...
I realized that when I started this blog thing I was on my last school break and my older son wasn't home so I focused on the younger one. So, I thought I better take some time over the next few days to talk about the wonderfulnesses of my seven almost eight year old.
Yep, this is Preston, cooler than cool in this picture yet he is one of the best...wait, he is the best big brother a boy could have. He is brilliant in a million different ways. He is kind and considerate (when it comes right down to it) and he has a really big heart. More about Pres to come!

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